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A tomato free, gluten free and dairy free Pizza? What kind of sorcery is this?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Not sorcery, just delicious pizza that's free of the most common inflammatory ingredients and yes, it tastes just like pizza so eat up and enjoy a slice or four . . .

If this pizza isn't on your radar it should be. I can eat this every. single. day. and never tire of it. My favorite way to serve this is with a delicious salad or "panzanella style" where I place the salad directly on top of the pizza and dig in, it's SO GOOD.

Let's talk about crust. There are some really good prepared crusts that are gluten free but if you need to avoid nightshades be careful because many have potato starch. There's one that has limited ingredients and is made from chickpea flour and that's the one I use. I successfully re-introduced chickpeas into my diet but if that's not an option for you, here's a link to a great califlower crust recipe here.

To cheese or not to cheese . . . for me, a pizza needs cheese. It's part of the holy trinity of pizza and while you can eat yours' without it and be perfectly happy, I prefer the full on pizza experience so I use a dairy free vegan "cheese" that melts and tastes just like mozzarella. Most of these types of "cheese" are made from either almonds or cashews so if you are elimination phase AIP or have not been able to successfully reintroduce nuts try this recipe for AIP elimination phase compliant cheese here. I've made it many times and it is REALLY good. It bubbles and browns just like the real thing and it's easy to make.

Crust and cheese aside, I think we can all agree that without a good sauce you're just eating cheesy bread, which I love but it's NOT pizza. Our tomato free pasta sauce tastes amazing as a pizza sauce and this is the SUPER easy part - all you have to do is open up a jar and VOILLE!

When I really want to be fancy I put some carmelized onions and roasted garlic on my pizza and dare I say even anchovies? I happen to love the briney little things but I know I'm in the minority on that. The point is that you can put ANYTHING on your pizza you like, it's YOUR pizza! When I'm low on energy and time, I keep it simple. Just sauce and "cheese" is all I really need and I'm happy. What do you like to put on your pizza? Let us know! Mangia!

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